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Tue, 23 Jan 2018 Usk Town Waters Goosander
Mon, 22 Jan 2018 Waunavon Bog Short eared Owl
Sun, 21 Jan 2018 Gwent Goshawk

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2017 Sightings wanted NOW!
It's that time of year again!  Just download the Excel spreadsheet from the GOS website and start entering your sightings – records should be submitted by 31 January 2018.  Click here to see how to do this. 
Although we’d definitely prefer to receive records submitted using the spreadsheet, records submitted via Word documents and paper slips will still be accepted.  If you use Word, please make sure there is a new line for each record and that data is entered in the following order and separated by a Tab: 
            Species name, location/site, date of sighting, number of birds, comments (such as age/sex of birds, breeding notes etc), your name and initials.
But please try the spreadsheet method – you'll find it easy and we'll find sorting and assessing your records much simpler.  
Could those of you who use BirdTrack (an acceptable alternative) please also send your records to Tom?  This is merely to ensure no record goes missing.
Please email your records to Tom Chinnick at countyrecorder@gwentbirds.org.uk or post them to him at School House, LlandennyUsk NP15 1DL.
2016 Annual Report

The 2016 Annual Report is now available for collection.

It was distributed at the indoor meeting on 9th December and will be available again at the AGM on January 20th 2018.

If you are unable to collect it in person is there anyone who can collect it on your behalf at the AGM?  The cost of posting the report exceeds £1 per copy so arrangements will only be made to post the uncollected reports to members after the AGM.

Reporting sightings of rare and Schedule 1 birds on the GOS website
In Gwent's wide variety of habitats we have many sites of ornithological interest which hold rare and Schedule 1 breeding bird species.  Newport Wetlands Reserve, which encompasses Goldcliff lagoons, Uskmouth reedbeds and the grasslands, is a well managed site and very secure for breeding birds, but sites elsewhere in the county are unprotected and the many breeding species present there are vulnerable to threats such as disturbance and, potentially, even egg collectors.  
For this reason please AVOID POSTING SIGHTINGS WHICH INCLUDE SPECIFIC LOCATIONS (other than at NWR) for any rare, locally rare or Schedule 1 species that you suspect are breeding, showing signs of breeding behaviour or are in suitable habitat, on the Gwent Ornithological Society Sightings page.  
If you discover a rare or Schedule 1 species that you suspect is breeding, please report your sighting directly to the county recorder at countyrecorder@gwentbirds.org.uk or on 07982 719881.  
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.           
Tom Chinnick
Gwent County Bird Recorder
Schedule 1 species which may be found include the following:
Red Kite
Marsh Harrier
Little Ringed Plover
Bearded Tit 
Cetti’s Warbler 
GOS policies

GOS policies, as required by the Charity Commission, can be read here.

Solar energy and wind farm developments
From time to time the committee is asked where the Society stands with regard to solar energy or wind farm developments.  Policy statements detailing our views have been drawn up.
Click here to see our policy on solar energy
and here to see our policy on wind farm developments.
Gwent Birders Facebook page
A Facebook group for anyone with an interest in birds and birding in Gwent is now up and running.  Set up by Marcus John, it is intended to complement the GOS website and other internet resources.  Birding news, photos and comments are welcomed on the Facebook page but sightings should continue to be posted on the GOS Sightings page http://www.gwentbirds.org.uk/sightings .  
To find out more about Gwent Birders go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/1402732016717810/ .  If you don't yet have a Facebook account go to https://www.facebook.com/ to open one.
Swan Rescue

If you come across an injured swan when out and about in Gwent the number to phone is 01633 895241.

Gwent Police Wildlife Crime Officers

Click here to see a list of the Gwent Police Wildlife Crime Officers by area.  This will make it easier to contact the appropriate person straight away.