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Because we still do not have a Dipper Editor this is a GOS Newsletter to provide time-sensitive information for our members. It does not pretend to be the familiar Dipper as it does not contain interesting articles or bird-sightings. For this, and other information, please see the GOS website: www.gwentbirds.org.uk

Trevor Russell

Change of date for indoor meeting

  1. THE FIRST INDOOR MEETING, with John Wyatt, scheduled for September 22nd, HAS HAD TO BE POSTPONED TO SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH, AND HIS LINKED WALK CHANGED TO THE NEXT DAY, ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30TH, starting at 0800hrs at the Farmer’s Arms car park, Goldcliff. (st371830)

The rest of both programmes will continue as scheduled

  1. MAGOR MARSH OPEN DAY, SATURDAY SEPT 15th. We urgently need VOLUNTEERS to man the GOS stand if GOS is going to be represented at all.  Be the first to use the new GOS gazebo! More info – and gazebo instructions – from Keith Roylance, 01633 868410.
  2. UNDERPAID STANDING ORDER SUBSCRIPTIONS: Thirty one members have not paid the outstanding balance on their Standing Orders to reflect the new rates:
  • Junior/Senior: £9.00
  • Adult: £12.00
  • Family £15.00

They will not be eligible to receive the 2006 Annual Report until the balance has been paid and reminders to them are again enclosed with this newsletter.

Thank you to those who responded to the reminder in the last Dipper.

Indooe Programme

Saturday Sept 29th John Wyatt, “Wader ID in winter plumage” (followed by his ID walk on Sept 30th at Goldcliff, see above) This is the sequel to John’s talk ‘n walk on “Wader ID in Breeding plumage” last March which, with his sound recordings, was a really useful and informative presentation from a master communicator.

We are also targeting to distribute the 2006 Annual Report at this meeting.

Please remember to bring any survey forms for Jerry Lewis

October 6th John Avon “A comparison of the Upland birds of North West Gwent and Dartmoor” John knows Gwent intimately but now lives near Dartmoor to enable him to draw this fascinating comparison.

October 20th Charles Martin, “Puddocks, Poveys and Parsons: The Language and Folklore of birds” Charles returns by popular acclaim, to talk amusingly of the days of yore, long before Red Lists and Amber Lists, back, even, to when today’s Hedge Accentor would cause similar bafflement!

November 3rd, Alasdair Dawes “The Great Bustard Re-Introduction Programme”.  An update on the fate of the birds that made the headlines two or three years ago when they were first released on Salisbury Plain.

November 17th, Marek Borkowski “Poland”. A birding tour around his homeland, with emphasis on the last remaining European primeval woodland that is the Bialowieska Forest, and which is now under threat from logging.

December 1st, John Wyatt, “Pharaonic Birds 5000bc – 400ad”. Arguably the most fascinating talk of the series. John has studied and photographed the birds represented by the hieroglyphs of the ancient tombs and temples of Egypt and asked himself “What are they, where are they now, and why?”

Outdoor Programme

Contact Steve Butler, 01873 854583, for directions and further information

Sept 14th–16th, Weekend at Portland Bill.  Book your place via Steve Butler.

Sept 30th, NEW DATE!  08:00. NWR Goldcliff, Farmers Arms car park, ST371830, John Wyatt, Wader ID in winter plumage. 2–3hrs easy walking.

Oct 14th, 09:00. Llanfair Discoed, Wentwood Inn car park, ST449908. 2-3hr moderate walk

Nov 11th, Contact Steve Butler re. car sharing to Dawlish Warren/Exe Estuary

Nov 24th, 09:30. Meet at WWT Slimbridge to watch winter wildfowl. Full day.

Dec 8th, 08:00. 14 Locks car park, ST279886, for 3hr walk at Ynys-y-Fro res.

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