Gwent Ornithological Society Policies – 18th February 2016 Print

Volunteer Management.  The Society has no paid staff so relies on volunteers for all its work. Volunteers may reclaim out-of-pocket expenses incurred during these activities.  Appropriate insurance cover will be maintained and a risk assessment conducted before new activities are started.

Financial Reserves.  The Society’s Goytre House Wood reserve may on occasion require unplanned expenditure on safety or security work.  The Society may also require capital to invest in future publications or to make donations to other charities in support of its objectives.  Financial reserves sufficient to cover these outlays will be held on deposit with the aim of preserving their value.

Risk Management.  The Society will maintain a register of risks and mitigations which will be reviewed annually.

Conflicts of Interest.  Trustees must declare any conflicts of interest arising out of agenda items and will be excluded from any vote on those items.  Such trustees may, at the chair’s discretion, be excluded from discussion of such items.

Complaints Handling.  Complaints may be made to any officer of the Society and will be considered by the Trustees.